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No other company delivers such personal and customized service with a supply chain to meet your needs whether domestic or international. TOP TECHNOLOGY CORP supports operations throughout the United States, the Caribbean to include Jamaica, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic, as well as Central and South America

We provide IT support through our in-house specialists who are available 24 hours to answer your questions and address your problems.


TOP TECHNOLOGY CORP.,  provides you with technology, electronics and equipment to meet your business needs. The world of technology is vast and constantly changing. But, one thing has remained the same. For over 25 years and with over 1,000 customers, we have been helping businesses take full advantage of all that technology has to offer. From electronics to cell phones to custom bundles that satisfy your market  - we use our domestic and international network to provide you with the solutions you need to remain a viable and competitive business.

While we deal in technologies, we believe in people. That is why when you call TOP CORP, you will speak to a person who is a specialist at assessing your needs, answering your questions and providing you with solutions.


Octavio Perez



For over 25 years, Octavio “Tony” Perez has been making the business of technology a personable one. As technology has evolved and advanced exponentially from the end of the last century into the new one, some things have remained the same - Tony Perez remains committed to the power of relationships and person to person communication.

After graduating from college, he began work with IBM Latin America. In the years after his work there, he took his expertise and his knowledge of the Latin American market to open TOP TECHNOLOGY CORP offices in Miami. Spanish speaking customers found a business partner and an advocate who spoke their language, understood their needs and delivered on his word. After many years and the countless changes in technologies and demands, relationships are still at the center of the business he has built. “We still have clients from those years and many who have gone away but then returned. They know  that with us that they are dealing with real people who are straightforward and hardworking.”

When away from the office, you can find Tony on the golf course, at sporting events or spending time with his family. “I like being in a setting where I can get to know the people I’m with. Golf in particular is great for that. It’s a wonderful time to listen and interact. I can bond with my sons or get to know a business partner.”

Lourdes Perez

Sales Manager

Lourdes Perez is TOP TECHNOLOGY CORP’s friendly and personable Sales Manager. She handles making clients feel like friends, and making your business into her mission. Committed, available, and sincere, when you work with Lourdes you get a listener who knows how to reach out, meet your needs and answer your concerns.

For over 15 years, Lourdes has helped develop every aspect of TOP TECHNOLOGY CORP’s operations. She began working with logistics, administration, new customer acquisition and human resources. Now, as the right hand to the president and as the sales manager, she is the face of TTC who sets the tone and guarantees a customer experience that is not often associated with technology world.

When not working with customers, you can find Lourdes applying her strong people skills at her home and among friends. “I love hosting and making sure people are having a good time. I know how to anticipate what it is that will make people feel at ease. It gives me so much joy to see that people are happy and I enjoy creating the circumstances where people can relax and feel like they’re among friends.”

Along with sales, Lourdes is leading TTC’s expansion into better customer experiences through digital media. Still, the core of who Lourdes and TTC are is they human factor. “When you call you’ll always find a person. We believe good business isn’t about B2B or B2C, it’s human to human.”

"Your success is our top priority."

— Top Technology Corp.